Developing leadership skills is a priority for high-performance organizations to stay vital. In order to ‘show the way,’ and create a culture of quality and improvement, we must provide opportunities to grow our leaders. Leadership that motivates the team to adopt the same ideas, mission, and values of the central organization is crucial and this workshop will teach strategies that support this vital mission. It is an award-winning training day based upon Les McGehee’s book Plays Well With Others (Dalton Publishing).


Les McGehee created the Leadership Development Institute through 25 years of collaboration and testing with some of the best leadership development experts from academia, government, and business. The original content and exercises were featured at the State of Texas Idea Fair, and The University of Texas McComb’s School of Business Plus Program did a three-year study on Les’ Leadership and Collaboration training, and then the U.S. Veterans Affairs deployed Les with the Leadership Development Institute for many years. Other clients that grew their leadership with this training include The Consortium For Graduate Study in Management, AT&T, and the NASA astronauts, and many more. Les has, after all, done about 7000 appearances in 15 countries.


Les McGehee is an author, speaker, and coach, and an improvisation pioneer who has entertained and trained millions of happier people.  Les toured the US performing thousands of shows and trainings, including a National Championship of Improv Comedy and two Tours for the Troops.


Les’ book Plays Well With Others (A Grown-up Handbook of Improvisation and Play) is popular in many industries and is a text at the best Business Schools.  Les’ team also recently was lauded as Training Magazine’s  “#1 best training in the world amongst all industries.”


Participants will be guided through proprietary exercises and content that teaches techniques for identifying what level of leadership an individual is at, and what their opportunities for leadership growth will entail. Leaders can highlight priorities, increase productivity, develop time management skills, improving accountability, and much more. Outcomes will be measured through performance ratings, and improvements in performance measures and unit specific measures.


What’s in a Plays Well With Others workshop?

  • Fun and all-inclusive games, fully-engaging and energetic, that create the opportunity to exercise and discuss leadership disciplines. The games are proven by years of participants and run by one of the great pioneers of high-performance interactive comedy, Les McGehee.
  • Powerful professional takeaways. The day is fun yet serious in it’s debriefs about leadership opportunity. Participants are guided masterfully through the simple leadership truth with highly applicable debriefs.
  • Attendees laugh and learn and get excited. They see themselves, and each other, in a more positive light. They gain clarity over leading, collaboration, and following.
  • Les has been requested back by nearly every client he has ever visited.


How is it delivered?

  • Half day, whole day, multi-day, and group coaching available
  • By Les and LDI-certified coaches
  • In a room full of energy and heartwarming laughter
  • With or without purchasing Plays Well With Others Student Kits and copies of Plays Well With Others books


Other benefits?

  • Communication skills, teamwork, management
  • Health, energy, clarity, longevity, joy, insight


“… now I understand where I was leading and where I wasn’t, and even more importantly, what I had to do to raise myself to the next level of leadership. Today had a massive impact on me and the way I view our team. My vision for what we mean to each other became ever clearer.”