TREC Continuing Education Courses and Seminars

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Home Inspections 101


What Every Realtor Should Know

What an inspection is and is not (the TREC Standards of Practice)

Types of home inspections

The TREC inspection report


TREC Course #33191 / $15

1 Hour CE Credit




Realtor Inspection Survival  


How To Prepare Your Client For The Inspection

Setting Client expectations about the inspection

Understanding the role of the Home Inspector

5 important Realtor actions at the inspection


TREC Course #33190  / $15

1 Hour CE Credit




Realtor Liability and the Home Inspection       

Learn how to protect yourself from undue liability during the home inspection process. You will learn how to:

navigate through the referral process
avoid any “slip-ups” when talking to clients about specific topics
reduce your liability so you always land on your feet

TREC Course: #33189 / 1 HR CE Credit
Class Fee: $15
Instructor: Lance Dunahoe, CEO of Inspect360 and LeadDomino Trainer





Safer is as Safer Does 


It’s A Risky Business

Develop a Safety Mindset & Reduce Your ‘Victim Profile’

Safety & Social Media

Is It Your Instinct or Over-Imagination?

Safety Strategies for Open Houses & Property Showings

How Do Criminals Profile Us?

Diversifying Your Personal Defense Portfolio

TREC Course  #33726 / $15

2 Hour CE Credit





The ONE Thing Workshop


The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The Domino Effect

The Lies 

The Simple Path to Production

The Three Commitments

Goal Setting To The Now 

GPS & 411

The Four Thieves 

Growth Analysis and Putting The ONE Thing to Work

TREC Course #30131 CE / $239  #30548 ICE  / $239

8 Hour CE / ICE Credit






Outclass the Competition 2

How to Better Serve Your Client

Dining Etiquette Training for the Savvy Agent

First Course, First Impressions

Navigating the Place Setting

Be Your Brand & Close the Deal

TREC Course #33079 / $15

1 Hour CE Credit





Inspection Report Review 

Know What Your Home Inspector Is LookingFor

A live interactive class that walks you through an actual inspection report

How to set the proper expectations

Discuss the purpose, limitations, and client responsibilities

How to manage the findings after the inspection

Discuss and view typical findings in each section

                                                                                                              TREC Course #34109/$15

                                                                                                                1 hour CE Credit

MilRES Certification (Military Residential Specialist)

MilRES Certification provides the training to serve this largely untapped niche:

Understanding the difference between Civilian and Military transactions

Understanding the challenges unique to military personnel regarding housing

Identifying different programs for active and retired military personnel

Current VA financing updates and the effect on military clients

Identifying Lenders with the greatest competency to serve military personnel

Thorough understanding of the legal and ethical duties of the MilRES Agent to our service men and women


                                                                                                     TREC Course #34110 / $239

                                                                                                     8 Hour CE Credit


Lights, Camera, Confidence! Social Media Live Stream Basics

Lesson #1: Learning the Ins and Out of Getting Started on Facebook LIVE and Recorded Videos


Get equipped on the basics of why and how to use both Facebook LIVE (Instagram LIVE) and recorded videos to more powerfully connect with prospective and current clients.

Develop confidence to start sharing valuable content in  order to best to serve client’s needs

Effectively utilize the Facebook Live platform:

-By knowing the basics of how to set up a LIVE broadcast and determine who is to see it (privacy settings and inviting)

-By knowing how to create a basic outline of what to say, “GO LIVE”, and deliver a message effectively

-By understanding basic protocol of what to do during and after a LIVE broadcast to more effectively connect with their audience

                                                                                                                       TREC Course  #34402 / $15

                                                                                                                         1 Hour CE Credit


Lights, Camera, Confidence! Social Media Live Stream Basics

Lesson #2: Taking Your Facebook LIVE and Recorded Videos To The Next Level


Lesson 2 equips and empowers Agents to take their LIVE and recorded videos to the next level of content creation and professional “look” of production.


Agents will:

-Learn more advanced strategies to encourage more engagement in social media.

-Improve the look of their productions with more advanced techniques and awareness so to merge their intended professional visual brand with reality.

-Increase their knowledge and use of different, more advanced platforms, technology, and aps that expand one’s reach even more

-Expand their content calendar ideas

 CE Pending

Lights, Camera, Confidence! Social Media Live Stream Basics

Lesson #3: Preparing Yourself and Your Team for Professionally Shot Videos to Market Yourself (so you don’t waste your time and $ on big productions that you then hate!)


This lesson will prepare you and your teams for professionally shot marketing videos so not to waste time and money not being prepared or feeling confident in themselves to create a powerful video(s)

Agents will:

-Understand the ins and outs of what happens in a video shoot so that there are no surprises

-Determine the look and feel (desired end result) they want their video(s) to project

-Clarify their message

-Brain storming and learning to script

-Walk away with a plan to move forward


CE Pending