TREC Continuing Education Courses

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Home Inspections 101         inspections-101

What Every Realtor Should Know

  • What an inspection is and is not ( the TREC Standards of Practice)
  • Types of home inspections
  • The TREC inspection report
  • Q&A

TREC Course #01-00-087-29216  / $10

1 Hour CE Credit

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Realtor Inspection Survival


How To Prepare Your Client For The Inspection

  • Setting Client expectations about the inspection
  • Understanding the role of the Home Inspector
  • 5 important Realtor actions at the inspection
  • Q&A

TREC Course #01-00-087-29218  / $10

1 Hour CE Credit

Download Realtor Survival Seminar Flyer Here




Realtor Liability and the Home Inspection  liability

 How to Protect Yourself

  • Why Realtors are exposed when referring other professionals
  • The right way to refer other professionals
  • 10 Ways to reduce your liability
  • Q&A

TREC Course #01-00-087-29217  / $10



Realtor Safety Seminar  safety

It’s A Risky Business

  • Develop a Safety Mindset
  • Reduce Your ‘Victim Profile’
  • Safety & Social Media
  • Is It Your Instinct or Over-Imagination?
  • Safety Strategies for Open Houses & Property Showings
  • How Do Criminals Profile Us?
  • Diversifying Your Personal Defense Portfolio 


Download Realtor Safety Seminar Flyer Here


The ONE Thing Workshop – 8 hr CE and ICEone-thing

The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

  • The Domino Effect
  • The Lies 
  • The Simple Path to Production
  • The Three Commitments
  • Goal Setting To The Now 
  • GPS & 411
  • The Four Thieves 
  • Growth Analysis and Putting The ONE Thing to Work

TREC Course #30131 CE / #30548 ICE  / $225

8 Hour CE Credit

Download The ONE Thing Workshop Flyer Here

SCARY Home Inspections – October 2016  (no CE credit)

  • Scary Inspection Photos
  • Spookiest Inspector Quotes
  • 5 Ways to Survive a Scary Home Inspection