TREC Continuing Education Courses and Seminars

Home Inspections 101


What Every Realtor Should Know

What an inspection is and is not (the TREC Standards of Practice)

Types of home inspections

The TREC inspection report


TREC Course #33191 / $10

1 Hour CE Credit




Realtor Inspection Survival


How To Prepare Your Client For The Inspection

Setting Client expectations about the inspection

Understanding the role of the Home Inspector

5 important Realtor actions at the inspection


TREC Course #33190  / $10

1 Hour CE Credit



Realtor Liability and the Home Inspection


How to Protect Yourself

Why Realtors are exposed when referring other professionals

The right way to refer other professionals

10 Ways to reduce your liability


TREC Course #33189  / $10

1 Hour CE Credit


 Safer is as Safer Does

 It’s A Risky Business

Develop a Safety Mindset & Reduce Your ‘Victim Profile’

Safety & Social Media

Is It Your Instinct or Over-Imagination?

Safety Strategies for Open Houses & Property Showings

How Do Criminals Profile Us?

Diversifying Your Personal Defense Portfolio

TREC Course  #33726 / $10

2 hr CE Credit


The ONE Thing Workshop – 8 hr CE and ICE

one-thingThe Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

The Domino Effect

The Lies 

The Simple Path to Production

The Three Commitments

Goal Setting To The Now 

GPS & 411

The Four Thieves 

Growth Analysis and Putting The ONE Thing to Work

                                                                                     TREC Course #30131 CE / $125  #30548 ICE  / $225

                                                                                     8 Hour CE Credit

Outclass the Competition 2

How to Better Serve Your Client

Dining Etiquette Training for the Savvy Agent

First Course, First Impressions

Navigating the Place Setting

Be Your Brand & Close the Deal

TREC Course #33079 / $10

                                                                                                1 Hour CE Credit

Inspection Report Review 101

Image result for trec home inspection report

Know What Your Home Inspector Is Looking For

A live interactive class that walks you through an actual inspection report

How to set he proper expectations

Discuss the purpose, limitations, and client responsibilities

How to manage the findings after the inspection

Discuss and view typical findings in each section